week end videos: boogie frenchies - Duvi - Yokishop


Some vids for the week end.

Here is "1 day training in Hawaii" with french mates Clement Lodého, Thomas Goyenetche and SNS bodyboarding ambasadors Max Castillo, Julien Miremont, Martin Mourdian under the eye of their national coach Nico Padois from Ocean Roots Surf School.

Second video is winter video resume of our friend Vincent Duvignac. When Rusty Europe closed his doors few months ago, Vincent has lost his main support and he's looking now for a major support from a solid company. Vincent deserves so much, he's both a serious competitor and an inspired free surfer. Filmed by Falling Angels Prod (France) and Jimmy Graham ( Australia)

At least, cool profile of Jeff Yokoyama, legendary clothing designer made by Korduroy TV.

Plenty of cool clothes at their shop:

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