Here are the winners of our 1st Photo Contest. We've received so many good photos, it has been very difficult to choose. These photos will be printed as stickers and available with our upcoming Fall collection.
Have a chance to win it! just "like" our official Facebook page and then share your favorite photo on your wall. 
We'll pick up some of you and winners will receive free photo stickers pack and Sen No Sen t-shirt.

Voici les gagnants de notre premier concours photo. Nous avons reçu tellement de bonnes photos qu'il nous a été difficile de choisir. Ces photos seront imprimées en autocollants et seront disponible avec notre collection Automne-hiver prochainement en boutique.
Vous avez la possibilité de les gagner! Il suffit d'aimer notre page Facebook puis de partager votre photo préférée parmi les 3 gagnants sur votre propre mur. 
Nous choisirons quelques uns d'entre vous qui recevrons un pack de stickers photo et un t-shirt Sen No Sen.

Oskar Lindholm is an artist out of Stockholm, Sweden now living in Sydney, Australia who works as a graphic designer/artist doing a variety of projects including fashion/clothing design, print designs and film/animation. We've chosen this one because we just love the fresh angle, simple but original at the same time. This photo has touched us and we felt connected with Oskar and his art. 

Antoine Barlier is a young french film maker and photographer. We've chosen this photo because it has been taken at our Sen No Sen homespot La Salie but with a different angle than what we can see usually. This photo looks simple but we can feel how cool and quite is this place we love so much.

Gaetan Duque is French and lives in Brittany. This photo has been taken in Canary Islands at the end of the day juste before his battery is cut off. We love warm color of this photo and we almost can feel happiness of these two riders after a long day of good surf.

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