Photo contest: sns is all around


Here we are with new Photo Contest called SNS IS ALL AROUND. This time, you can take a photo through Instagram and post it on your Instagram account with #snsisallaround and @sen_no_sen tags.

Every week, best photo will be rewarded with a Sen No Sen gift, we'll announce it on our blog-Facebook-Instagram and every month we'll chose one more and the winner will receive a Sen No Sen box with several items.
Some of the photos can be chosen to be printed on 2013 sticker series and the best ones on t-shirts to be included in our collections!

The only rule is to post on Instagram a photo where we can see clearly our name on it. It can be a sticker, a product, the brand name written in the sand or anything else, let's be creative and show us your inspiration.

Greg Latu has already started during his Indo trip.

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