My SNS wetsuit


You can share your surfing and lifestyle photos with #mysnswetsuit on social networks. We will publish the best ones. Have a look at people spotted in a Sen No Sen wetsuit.

Bertrand Bouchez enjoying simple pleasures in kelly green wetsuit

Amanda du blog "1 duvet pour 2" pour le magazine Pample

French ripper Charly Martin in Electric Blue wetsuits.

Jeremy Arnoux in light grey wetsuit - video clip by Comptoir du Surf.

Young gun Kim Veteau, French champion in Junior division. 

Alexis Deniel, 2015 Sup French Champion and Longboarding vice champion, in his limegreen Sen No Sen custom wetsuit made for Ponant Surf Shop.

Charly Martin - all black wetsuit - video clip by Comptoir du Surf.

Josh Garner custom wetsuit light grey/fluo orange

Laurent, Surfer's store owner in light grey wetsuit

Dimitri Zoellin kelly green spring suit
Andre Botha & Josh Garner - limegreen wetsuit
Axou Ferrara fluo orange woman longsleeve springsuit.
Jeremy Massiere in yellow bird wetsuit
Super grom Rudy Chenier in all limegreen wetsuit

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