230 bld de la Cote d'Argent, 33120 ARCACHON, FRANCE.


This item is sold out. When are you going to restock ?
Never. We make products in limited quantity  only and it would be too boring to make it twice. We prefer to do something different.
That means "buy it before it's gone".

Are you going to do sales or can i have a discount code ?
We do not sell with discounts.
All our products are highly quality made with premium fabrics and we do strong efforts to keep reasonnable prices. So we do not discount.

Can I get some free stickers? No, but you can buy some in our Online Shop and we never forget to put few ones with any orders.

Do you sponsor ?
Only friends and people we already know.
There's so many talented people around the world, we can't sponsor everybody. So we keep focus on partnerships with our people.

We are an awesome magazine/webzine/media and would like to offer the opportunity to advertise in.
Sorry, we don not pay for that but you like Sen No Sen and want to talk about it, you're welcome.

We organize a mega party/surf contest/event and would like to have you with a stand where you can show your collections.
Sorry, our planning is already full and we don't have the team to be on every events. And to be clear, i prefer to go surf than wait all day long on a stand.

I want to work for Sen No Sen. How do I apply for a job/internship? We apologize, but we are not accepting any applications for jobs or internships at this time.

I want to make my own brand, can you put me in touch with people who makes your clothes and/or wetsuits ?
we apologize but we can not give out their contact information. They have kindly requested that we stop referring new customers to them.

I'm a distributor/store and i want to stock Sen No Sen.
Send us an e-mail including minimum of 5 store photos, brands in store, shop address, and buyer contact information. If you do not include the requested information, you will not receive a response.

I have a blog/media and want to talk about Sen No Sen.
Feel free to use all our social media and blog contents, never forget copyrights, and if you need anything, just send us an email.

I would like to meet you.
You can find me at my flagship store in France at opening hours where you can say hello whenever you want but you'll need a meeting appointment to talk seriously. Do not come to talk shit or ask all inquieries above. Thanks!

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