People from the Ocean

Sen No Sen is inspired by beach life, surfing, and everything about living with Ocean rhythm.

This way of life is a choice.
The choice to enjoy nature and simple pleasures that mother Earth offers.
Work and money are important to make a living but it doesn't make your life.

Living a good life that you can fill with moments shared with people you love, spending time doing things you love. 

Our "Surfer Plus Travailler Moins" motto (you can translate by "Surf More Work Less") is more thant a slogan. It reminds us what is important... Life is not about money, it's what you do of your time.
This is a reason why you won't see the brand in big chain stores, why we don't make cheap surfing wetsuits or why we don't over produce with big sales every 3 months. We make what we need, we make what we want to wear. Every extra work is a loose of energy and time. This time we prefer to spend surfing or doing fun things with our people.

Living on the shore, making our planning depening of tides, weather and swell conditions is the life we decided to live.

+ We are People from the Ocean +

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