Maxime Huscenot wins the "Royal Barrique" contest


"Royal Barrique" is the coolest contest in France.
Every year, best surfers and locals are invited to run a barrel contest in Hossegor. A big waiting period, invited surfers only and contest format allow everyone to surf the best conditions.

This season, Maxime Huscenot is the winner in his Sen No Sen orange wetsuit! Yeeeeeew

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Sen No Sen x Andre Botha signature wetsuits


We designed a wetsuit for bodyboarding legend Andre Botha.

We open pre-orders until 31st december to let you the opportunity to get this model, available in all black or tri-color Red/black/Grey.

We use no-petrol based "Limestone" neoprene. This wetsuit has few details focus on bodyboarding like very light kneepads that keep stretch, or elbow pads to grip better on your board. 

Proudly designed by | mlekoshiPlayground |